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I love fashion and this site will be dedicated to my fashion likes and dislikes. I do want to be a stylist and on my Google Reader I've subscribed to many fashion blogs so these will be posts mostly of fashion editorials, I like, even street fashion, or new labels that I'm into.


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Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of posts on this blog but my fashion posts have been integrated back into 803 Markese Street where we just celebrated the 3rd year of that brand. I feel like although I do still do believe in Posh being a brand, I feel that at this present time I'm only causing both brands to suffer by attempting to divide myself. Hopefully I will be able to do a section called Posh on 803, and so you will be able to see all things related Posh but if not I do talk about fashion on 803.

If anyone does write fashion and want to come aboard though email me... I want Posh to live on and what I plan on doing is building up a team at 803 and in that team include fashion bloggers. These will compose Posh and when I believe we've garnered enough support and sustainability I plan on reopening this blog :).

Other than that, join us in the city :)


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Fashionair: The New VOGUE?

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So Fashionair is this online fashion website that launched yesterday, and I've been waiting for it for a while! Apparently it's a website that combines the best of the many types of fashion websites like blogs, online magazines, and online catalogs into one. I immediately pulled up the site.

I was presented with that, and I was a tad taken aback. I loved the page but I was immediately overwhelmed. I had 3 minutes to take stock of this site and I didn't know where to start, everything was a link. I took the tour though and found out about the myriad of options and then went on to read the two reviews I could find.

What I found was that there are alot of things to do. You can look at fashion, watch videos from fashion insiders, and even buy the fashions you see. There isn't alot of text though, and there have been organizational problems.

No matter what, I'm going to come back and see what it's all about and continually review it in my mind. When I get more of a chance to sit down and explore I'll talk more about it, but until then, do some exploration of your own over at Fashionair

W 2009: The Fashion Issue with KATE MOSS

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So, kidz we got about forty five minutes, and two posts to do so let's get through this, Both of these posts have to do with the September 2009 Fashion Issue of W magazine... YIPPERS!

So I'm here at college and guess what... we have SCANNERS! Do you know what that means??? From now on when I want to show you guys something that I've found in print, not on one of the blogs, I can just can it in!! That also means I'm going to save alot of time trying to find something online that I already have tangibly.

Anyways, onto the issue!!! KATE MOSS covered this issue of W, and I love the glamour shot of her. It's pretty nice, I just don't like what she's doing with her mouth. Makes her look like she has chicklets for teeth a little bit.

Now that we've done that we get to go into the POSH FOUR! Yes, like always I've picked four things to write about, but because the magazine is so huge I've divvied it up. I'll do four ads I like and then on another post I'll do four pictures from the editorial I liked the most. Onto the ads though!!

I've seen this ad before, it was all over my google reader. What I did not notice, though when i glaced at it on the computer, was the necklace. I DIE!!! (Sorry Rachel, I had to steel the term) I love the entire ad, but trends are large accessories, and gray. I love both. Oh, and I know you see my sticky notes and those will more than likely accompany scans. Just notes for myself but now I can share them with you guys!

I saw this ad and my breath stopped. I LOVE that coat! The colar, and teh use of textures and color, It's insane in my opinion. Yeah yeah yeah, blame it on my fascination with jackets but tell me it's ugly. Well it really doesn't matter if you do because I still like it. A trend here is indeed texture. You want texture this season ladies! Look back up at the MICHAEL KORS dress... more texture!!!

No lie, I normally don't like JUICY COUTURE that I see on the streets, but I normally ALWAYS love their ads! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the modern day debutante!!! Those stilletto boots kill, that jacket, AMAHZING!!!O hand the dress on your right... freaking lovely!

It's here!!!

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I'm in college now guys so I do apologize about how sporadic posts are but they will be that way until I finally get a full schedule and pencil in blogging time.

But I haven't completely forgotten my fashion and so I did want to say something.  I GOT THE FASHION ISSUES OF W AND VOGUE!!!  Yes, my mom shipped them to me so I got them later than I should have but... I got them.  Anyways Kate Moss is on W and Charlize Theron is on VOGUE.  I've seen the INSTYLE cover, and Jennifer Lopez in my opinion looks stunning.(Hopefully there are upcoming blogs about each issue *fingers crossed*)

Also, the actual documentary The September Issue is now out, and I'm DYING to see it!  Anyways, I knew you guys wouldn't hate seeing the trailer just once more.



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So, some of you guys might remember a few months ago I did a post about Janet Lee Kim. Well, I've been looking for a guinea pig to do my first interview on and I hooked up with her over the net and in a email ping pong, we conducted an interview.

Me: The CFDA had it’s first Town Hall meeting recently and one of the issues discussed was New York Fashion Week and it’s validity in the new ever evolving fashion industry? Do you have views on the matter? Are you a fan of the fashion show or are do you think it’s kind of a vintage institution?

JLK: Fashion isn't just about selling clothes - it's about selling people an image, an idea. As such, a fashion show isn't just models strutting down a runway - it's become akin to a theatrical production and indeed with certain designers, like Galliano, the shows do rival such productions. If you've ever been to a show like a Dior couture show, you know that there's nothing like the excitement of seeing these gorgeous tall models in crazy hair and makeup storming down, loud music blasting, lights flashing, and the most exquisite clothes sparkling before your eyes. You cannot compare that to viewing tiny digital images on your computer screen. So yes, I am a fan of fashion shows, but I think there are some things about them that need to change in order to adapt to the changes resulting from technology.

Firstly, most people don't have access to those kinds of shows, but because of the Internet, there are many more people who want this sort of access than there were a decade ago. So it was only a matter of time before we got to where we are now, where people post photos seconds after a show. Secondly, there are so many different designers out there that buyers and editors can really only attend a small percentage of shows. Finally, the Internet has democratized the industry a bit so instead of only following the lead of buyers or editors at a handful of magazines, we see ordinary people blogging and gaining influence over the public in their own right.

As a result, I think that designers can no longer rely solely on fashion shows to market their clothes, but must tap into other means, such as online social networking, like Twitter, and creating an online presence, like a website.

Me: So I know that you attended Harvard University , one of the schools that I actually started an application to, and graduated from there but have gone on to pursue fashion. Do you think that your Harvard education was beneficial in the industry you chose to pursue and do you face any preconceived notions of “over conceptualization” when people see your work?

JLK: I think there are benefits and drawbacks, like anything. You don't get the connections and training you might get at a school like Parsons, but you're also not competing with a lot of other people who want to do the same thing as you. For instance, I was able to do my internship at Dior in Paris because of one of my professors at Harvard, which would have been harder if I were at a design school because so many people want that kind of internship. I don't think anyone thinks I overconceptualize my work, but I think it's a little tougher to be taken seriously as a designer.

Me: Can you explain your lines of inspiration and how they affect your design and final garments?

JLK: I'm really excited about the craft of fashion and so rather than specific inspirations, I like to play around with different techniques or ideas. When I look at clothes, different clothes make me feel a certain way, and when it strikes me, I try to emulate it.

Me: Are there any words that you keep in your head when you design no matter what you’re designing for and if so why do you choose these words?

JLK: I am inspired by clothes where there is a tension between delicateness and strength - something that is painfully beautiful. I aspire to create garments that stir up a visceral reaction when you see them.

Me: I know you’ve worked with some of the big players in the industry and attended the Chamber Syndicale, like Alexis Mabille, but I want to know do you have any idols in the industry right now?

JLK: I have a few - Nicolas Ghesquiere over at Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, and the Mulleavy sisters at Rodarte. Their work is so inspiring.

Me: If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

JLK: Maybe the aforementioned designers or Balenciaga himself.

Me: What would be your 30 second second point for getting people to wear, buy, or even consider Graey?

JLK: I'm terrible at selling my own clothes. I think you see them and either you love them or you don't. I will say that I surprise myself by how flattering they are on different body types.

Alana B Show

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I'm SOOO SORRY! I have been so busy recently, and I'm just getting alot of new stuff done in my life away from the blog! Anyways, let's get back to some old stuff!

So first up is Curve Diva. I apologize about lighting issues but we got to work with what we got right? Anyways, Curve Diva is a line of wearable couture designed for plus sized women. My FOVORITE model and look of the night was the first. She in my opinion SLAYED the catwalk. Although I would've asked for a tad less excessive arm movement, it was still all good. When everyone begins to clap for her the second time, it's because she goes into slow motion and does this couture pose... I LOVED IT!

Oh, what made it even better was the fact that these models had personality, and a lot of it! They were dancing, and singing, and posing, and walking all around backstage! Just watching them made me smile! They were entirely comfortable with themselves and there seemed to be more than one larger than life personality in the bunch.

I feel so unprofessional saying this but I do not recall the next designer's name and all of my notes are 6 1/2 hours away at home.

The bad thing is I loved this designer and her clothes! Albeit if I would've seen them earlier we could've made them look all the more stunning with some carefully placed peices of double sided tape, the collection was still DOPE! I LOVED her outfit also! The line was like a very chic collection. it showed different types of chic to me, and I loved it!

Next up is Kaja's Designs

I have no clue why my friend stopped after two looks but we do have the rest of the show!

I liked it, and actually the first model was my FAVORITE walker of the night! She has actually modeled with ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT so, that's always a plus. I got her signature and did spend a bit of time talking to her. I also liked another model. She was short, and actually she's in the second clip. She's light skinned and she's wearing this black ensemble and I beleive she's holding part of the flowy material. Anyways, the line was good. I will say though that I was a tad aggrivated that of all the designers this one is the only one who was late. We were prepared to start without her though.

Last of the night was ALANA!!!!

As you can see the line had the most looks, and with a few nipple covers could have looked absolutely stunning for a Columbia Show. I loved the line, and was so ecstatic to actually see the clothes. There were a couple mishaps but, you know you just have to roll with the punches. The two guy models were hillarious, and I had a good time. I was so happy to actually be able to see this wonderful collection

Just thought you'd like to know

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GLAMOUR KILLS CLOTHING, an amazing line of tees, v-necks, hoodies, and denim is having a 30% off Back to School sale. CHECK IT OUT!


Passion Fashion 2009: Kate Lyon

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The first designer up was Kate Lyon from Kate Lyon Studios in Savannah, Georgia.

A design by Kate Lyon at Passion Fashion 2009

As you can see, my sister and I are not quite photographers, but we did attempt to rectify that problem by videotaping clips of the shows. Anyways, I did take notes on the lines so I'm going to go by those. Out of 19 looks I wrote down 5 loves about various peices(alot of shoes), techniques(some cool neck stuff), and one complete outfit. I even scribbled AMAZING(referring to the movement of one garment) in my illegible scrawl. Gold, black, and gray were the main colors in the show, and it was mainly dominated by dresses.

Here's the footage we took of the show and I apologize for the jumps(I don't know what caused them) and the constant turning (we wanted to get as much of the looks as possible) but we did the best we could. The purple number that starts this clip off is a peice that I liked. I really liked the back and actually it reminds me of a garment I've seen before, possibly in Debut 2009. Anyways, it kind of makes me thing Barbie for some reason.

The next look, the black and gold number, is something that I like... in parts. I love the dress, if it was shortened. Take that unnecessary golld and black part off. Just end it at the knees for maybe a cocktail dress. I mean don't get me wrong the bottom isn't digusting it just doesn't fit this dress to me. Anyways, the last dress for some reason I couldn't pay attention to. In my head I was like she should have gloves...where are her gloves. When I first glanced at it though, I did think it was feathered.